Learning through research across the lifespan

Posted on October 10, 2014 by

LEL lecturer Laurel MacKenzie has been featured on the University’s Learning through Research website for her role in mentoring student-led projects in her third-year course Language Change across the Lifespan!

The Learning through Research initiative, spearheaded by LEL’s own Kersti Börjars, was recently mentioned in a University news article. Laurel features in a video in which she describes her enquiry-based approach to teaching, and the importance of the research question: to what extent can an individual’s linguistic competence change during their lifetime? You can view the video here.

The initial flurry of student projects attracted huge media attention last year. Laurel has made a number of media appearances in connection with both this and her second-year Language Variation and Change research into dialect differences. If she continues to appear in this many videos, she will be a good candidate for a Language Change across the Lifespan research project herself: has her transatlantic relocation changed her pronunciation? Only well-designed quantitative research projects will let us know for sure!

Featured image: a still from the video, in which Laurel is arranging her newspaper clippings.