Masterclass and talk by Ad Backus

Posted on October 11, 2014 by

On 21st October, as well as an LEL research seminar at the usual time with Daniel Gutzmann (details to follow), Ad Backus (University of Tilburg) will be giving both a masterclass and a talk.

The masterclass, from 9-11 in Graduate School Seminar 2, Ellen Wilkinson, is titled Usage-based linguistics and language contact data: a match made in heaven? There are three papers to read in preparation, all very recent: contact Eva or George for copies.

  • Backus, Ad, A. Seza Doğruoz, & Bernd Heine. 2011. Salient stages in contact-induced grammatical change: Evidence from synchronic vs. diachronic contact situations. Language Sciences 33, 738-752.
  • Demirçay, Derya, & Ad Backus. 2014. Bilingual constructions: Reassessing the typology of code-switching. Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 31, 30-44.
  • Backus, Ad. 2014. Towards a usage-based account of language change: implications of contact linguistic for linguistic theory. In Robert Nicolaï (ed.), Questioning language contact: limits of contact, contact at its limits, 91-118. Leiden: Brill.

The talk is on Language repertoires in a globalizing world: theoretical and methodological challenges, at 1pm, in Samuel Alexander A101.