Talk and masterclass by Daniel Gutzmann

Posted on October 12, 2014 by

Frankfurt’s Daniel Gutzmann will be giving an LEL Research Seminar talk on Tuesday 21st October and a masterclass on Wednesday 22nd October.

The talk title is Descriptions, Reference, and Use-conditional Semantics, and presents joint work with Eric McCready (Tokyo). Here’s the abstract:

Referential uses of descriptions have been extensively studied from both semantic and pragmatic perspectives. In this talk, we propose a new treatment of this phenomenon which uses the multidimensional tools developed to account for what now goes under the label of expressive or use-conditional meaning. The basic idea is to treat the “descriptive content” of referential descriptions as use-conditional. We show that doing so allows a satisfying explanation of their meaning and use. From the semantic side, the theory brings out interesting parallels to pronous, appositive constructions and theories of proper names; from the pragmatic side, it allows an explanation of the cooperative aspects of misdescriptions.

The talk is at the usual time, in the usual place.

The masterclass is 11-1 on the following day, and is on the semantics-pragmatics distinction. The primary paper for discussion will be:

  • Gutzmann, Daniel. 2014. Semantics vs. Pragmatics. Submitted to Lisa Matthewson, Cécile Meier, Hotze Rullmann, & Thomas Ede Zimmermann (eds.), The Companion to Semantics. Oxford: Wiley.

A good complement to this would be the handbook articles by Recanati and Jaszczolt:

  • Recanati, François. 2004. Pragmatics and semantics. In Laurence R. Horn & Gregory Ward (eds.), The Handbook of Pragmatics, 442–462. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Jaszczolt, Katarzyna M. 2012. Semantics/pragmatics boundary disputes. In Claudia Maienborn, Klaus von Heusinger, & Paul Portner (eds.), Semantics, vol. 3. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter.