LinguistMix: planning, purism and multilingualism

Posted on November 5, 2014 by

LinguistMix is on again this Thursday in University Place: 17.30-19.30 in room 6.207. There will, as usual, be two short talks and plenty of time for refreshments and socializing. The speakers and a summary of their talks are below.

1. Virve Vihman on Planning and purism: Linguistic identity in Estonia

The conscious formation of Estonian national identity, based on linguistic identity, is about two centuries old. National identity is typically conservative, carried by symbols and signs that have had time to take root. On closer examination of the Estonian example, however, we find periods of both radical reform in standardising and renewing the language as well as purist policies to maintain the language in the face of (perceived) threats. This talk will discuss examples of innovative and conservative normativity in Estonian language planning, how these reflect the values of the times and how they have affected the shaping of Estonian national identity.

2. Alex Robertson and Leonie Gaiser, working on the Multilingual Manchester research activities, will give an overview of the project and expand on two areas: a pilot study mapping the community languages of Manchester’s schoolchildren and an introduction to the city’s linguistic landscape.​