mFil a success once again

Posted on November 16, 2014 by

2014’s mFiL conference, held in Dalton Ellis Hall, continued a great tradition of combining serious linguistics with serious fun!

The conference featured presentations from Mancunians at every level:

  • Undergraduate student Donald Alasdair Morrison, presenting on Regional Variation in Jespersen’s Cycle in Early Middle English (with George Walkden);
  • Masters students George Bailey (“East Fife, four… Forfar, five” – Intonation of the Classified Football Results) and Jane Scanlon (Glottalisation and Pre-aspiration in Mancunian and Aberystwyth English, with Michaela Hejná);
  • PhD students Laura Arman (Diagnosing Derived Subjects in Welsh Unaccusatives), Fernanda Barrientos (Effects of L2 Proficiency in Perception of L2 Vowels in Native-like Stimuli), Khawla Ghadgoud (Pseudo-verb in Modern Arabic Dialects), Michaela Hejná, and Henri Kauhanen (Platonic and Heraclitean Language Change: Chasing the S-curve through Community Structure);
  • Alumni Andrew Murphy, now at Leipzig, on Stacked Passives in Turkish, and Patrycja Strycharczuk, now at Queen Margaret University, giving a plenary with the title Fuzzy Contrasts, Woolly Changes?;
  • Staff: Laurel MacKenzie on Language Va[r]iation across the Lifespan: A Case Study of Attenborough’s r’s, George Walkden, and of course Xiao He’s plenary Effects of verb biases on the Chinese reflexive ziji – What can eye movements tell us?

Crucially, of course, there were a number of excellent talks by speakers from across the UK and beyond. Manchet is happy to see the conference go from strength to strength!

Featured image: the careers panel. Image taken from the mFiL 2014 photo gallery.