What happens after grammaticalization?

Posted on December 15, 2014 by

A special issue of Language Sciences dedicated to secondary grammaticalization and other late stage processes has just been published, with LEL’s Tine Breban as one of the editors!

The issue originates in a workshop held at ICHL 21 in Oslo, 2013. It contains papers by many leading scholars of grammaticalization, including Breban herself. In a paper with the title Refining secondary grammaticalization by looking at subprocesses of change, she proposes that secondary grammaticalization (usually understood as the further grammaticalization of an already grammatical item) can be subdivided into two types: one involves reanalysis accompanied by structural reconfiguration, and another involves only semantic change and should not be considered a separate process of grammaticalization.

The volume contains another paper by a past Mancunian, María José López-Couso, together with Belén Méndez-Naya, on Secondary grammaticalization in clause combining.

Featured image: timeline of if, though, as if, as though, like, lest, and but in their functions as adverbial subordinators (solid lines) and declarative complementizers (dotted lines). From the paper by López-Couso and Méndez-Naya, p191.