Grammatical terminology for schools

Posted on December 22, 2014 by

Since 2012, the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) has been developing a glossary of grammatical terminology for use in UK schools. The result has now been released, and can be viewed here.

The glossary is the first of its kind. Here are its aims:

The aim of this glossary is to guide teachers and publishers. A standardised terminology allows each teacher to build on the grammatical metalanguage that children have learned from other teachers; and in particular, it allows Foreign-language teachers to build on the grammatical terms that children have learned in English (and vice versa). At present, there is no such standard terminology in our schools; and even within a single subject different teachers may use different terms (or may give terms different meanings).

The standing committee overseeing it is 50% Mancunian: David Denison and John Payne (along with Bas Aarts and the glossary’s editor Dick Hudson). A number of other current and former LELers contributed to the construction of the glossary, including Willem Hollmann, Nigel Vincent and George Walkden.

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