LEL Research Seminar Spring 2015

Posted on January 19, 2015 by


We have the following seminar talks in Spring 2015. More details will be filled in once we receive additional information from the speakers.

Week 1: 27th Jan: Kasia Jaszczolt (Cambridge) (pragmatics-philosophy of language): “Default semantics and pragmatic compositionally” (abstract)

Week 3: 10th Feb: Silke Hamann (Amsterdam) (phonetics-phonology): “Loanword adaptation via perception and orthography: modelling Cantonese and Italian” (abstract)

Week 5: 25th Feb (Wed): Paul Kerswill (York) (sociolinguistics)

Week 7: 10th Mar: Thanh Nyan (Manchester) (pragmatics)

Week 9: 14th Apr: Sarah Ouwayda (Geneva) (syntax-semantics interface; computational linguistics): “Perfective aspect is trouble for all kinds of modals”

Week 11: 28th Apr: Kristin Davidse (KU Leuven) (syntax-semantics interface)