LEL Semester 2 Week 1 Events

Posted on January 26, 2015 by

1. 27th Janurary, 4:15PM: LEL research seminar with Kasia Jaszczolt (Cambridge): “Default Semantics and Pragmatic Compositionality”. Sam Alex A116.

2. 28th January, 2:00PM: Phon-phon reading group with Ricardo Bermudez-Otero: “Nasal coarticulation changes over time in Philadelphia English” by Zellou & Tamminga. Phonetics lab (Sam Alex W3.18)

3. 28th January, 3:00PM: Language variation reading group: “Social salience and the sociolinguistic monitor: A case study of ING and TH-fronting in Britain” by Levon, Erez, and Sue Fox. Phonetics lab (Sam Alex W3.18)

4. 30th January, 2:00PM: Postgridiots with James W R Brookes: Generalized linear models. Phonetics lab (Sam Alex W3.18)