MacKenzie and Schleef publish methods book

Posted on July 22, 2015 by

Laurel, Erik and Miriam Meyerhoff (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ) have just published their book Doing Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide to Data Collection and Analysis. The book provides an accessible introduction and guide to the methods of data collection and analysis in the field of sociolinguistics. It offers students the opportunity to engage directly with some of the foundational and more innovative work being done in the quantitative or variationist paradigm. Divided into 16 short chapters, Doing Sociolinguistics walks readers through the different phases of a research project, providing all the knowledge and skills training students will need to conduct their own analyses of language.

Some questions they address in the book:

  • How do you find a research topic?
  • How do you gain access to speakers?
  • How do you interview them?
  • What’s ethnography?
  • What’s a corpus?
  • How do you design a questionnaire?
  • Do you need to transcribe your data? How?
  • How do you analyse data?
  • What does a good graph look like?
  • And how do you write it all up into a research paper?
  • What’s a research paper anyway?

You can find out more at the website of the book. The “look inside” link lets you have a peek at the first 20 pages.

Featured image: Erik, Laurel, and two copies of the new book (photo by Tine Breban). Below: Erik with Miriam Meyerhoff.