Soci(olinguistic)al Mancunians in York

Posted on August 30, 2015 by

As the summer conference season comes to an end, one of the last – and biggest – events of the season is yet to come. There will be a healthy contingent of present & past Mancunians at UKLVC 10 in York this coming week, including one of the plenary speakers: former LEL lecturer Benedikt Szmrecsányi, now at Leuven, on Prescriptivism versus colloquialization: the rise of relative that.

Current and recent Mancunians giving talks include:

  • Danielle Turton and Maciej Baranowski: Absence of a blocking r[ʏɫ]?: the presence of /u/-fronting before /l/ in Manchester
  • Patrycja Strycharczuk and James Scobbie: Oh target, where art thou? Measuring vowels before liquids
  • Chris Montgomery and Emma Moore: Real-time perceptions of regional speech
  • Jonathan Morris: Phonetic variation in a long-term contact situation: /l/ in Welsh-English bilingual speech

And there’s also a hefty stack of Mancunian posters:

  • George Bailey: Linguistic markers of England’s north-south dialectal divide: an attitudinal study of BATH and STRUT
  • Michaela Hejná: Pre-aspiration and gender in Aberystwyth English
  • Natalie Braber and Nicholas Flynn: Yod-dropping in the East Midlands
  • Charlotte Graham and Laurel MacKenzie: The PM’s t’s: David Cameron’s t-glottalling across the lifespan
  • Joel Wallenberg, Josef Fruehwald and Danielle Turton: Gender and linguistic variation: a role for hormonal organising effects?
  • Laurel MacKenzie and Grace Ormerod: Situating the individual in late-stage language change: evidence from Received Pronunciation
  • Maciej Baranowski: The sociolinguistics of an incipient sound change: the fronting of the front-upgliding vowels in Manchester English
  • Rob Drummond: Tales of the unpredictable: researching TH-stopping in urban British English

Featured image: the Berrick Saul Building in York, from the conference website.