Mancunians at SLE in Leiden

Posted on September 4, 2015 by

The summer conference season is not over yet! A group of LELers have been presenting at the ginormous Socieaetaes Linguisticae Europaeaeaea, held this year in the pretty canal-veined city of Leiden in the Netherlands. Presenters include staff, emeriti, alumni and postgraduates:

  • Nigel Vincent: Which Latin? Which Language? Which texts?
  • Ying Fan: Diagnostics for Core and Nuclear types of SVCs in Mandarin Chinese (poster)
  • Candide Simard & Eva Schultze-Berndt: On the topic of insubordinate clauses
  • Eva Schultze-Berndt & Martina Faller: An inclusive pronoun as intersubjective evidential: shared access vs. primary access to knowledge

George Walkden was also talking about shared access to knowledge, at the SLE pre-workshop on “the uncertain future of linguistics publishing”: he gave a presentation on scholar-led open access journals without APCs.

Featured image: Leiden, from the SLE website.