Dissecting language at the Science Festival

Posted on September 12, 2015 by

Laurel MacKenzie is organizing an event at this year’s Manchester Science Festival, hosted at the Museum of Science and Industry.

With the title Dissecting language, the session will give an insight into some of the cutting-edge research we do here at LEL. From the blurb:

What makes Manchester English different from English spoken elsewhere? What does your tongue look like when you speak? What are the physics of speech and how does it produce different accents and voices? Linguists from the University of Manchester are on hand with advanced equipment for studying speech, offering an insight into the complex puzzles of language and the work they’re doing to solve them. Join an investigation of the acoustic and articulatory patterns that shape speech and discover crowd-sourced maps of UK dialects.

The session is on Thursday 29th October, from 10.30am until 4pm. It’s part of the pop-up space Pi: Platform for investigation, sponsored by Siemens. Come and join us!

Anyone who’s interested in getting involved should contact Laurel MacKenzie.

Featured image: A linguistic dissection in progress.