Mancunians at the LAGB in London

Posted on September 15, 2015 by

As ever, Manchester is well represented at this year’s LAGB, held at UCL in London from 15th-18th September. Presenters include:

  • Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero: Surface forms cue shared input representations, not each other (part of the workshop on underlying representations)
  • Henri Kauhanen: Neutral change is a characteristic property of clusterized language communities
  • Míša Hejná: Does English pre-aspiration matter?
  • Fernanda Barrientos: Effects of L2 knowledge into L1 speech perception: Boundary movement in the vowel perceptual space
  • Delia Bentley: Agreement impoverishment in Gallo-Italian and the logical structure of VS constructions
  • Matthew Gotham (new to Manchester!): Glue Semantics for Minimalist syntax
  • Virve Vihman, Elena Lieven & Anna Theakston (Psychology): Practice with pronouns: Acquisition of differential object case-marking in Estonian
  • Virve Vihman (Psychology, with Liina Lindström): Who needs it? Variation in experiencer marking in Estonian ‘need’-constructions