Two approaches to morphosemantics

Posted on September 26, 2015 by

The first LEL Research Seminar of the year will take place this Tuesday, 29th Sep, and features our own Andrew Koontz-Garboden, who will be talking about two approaches to morphosemantics. The talk will be at 4.15pm in Samuel Alexander A101, with wine and crisps afterwards. Here’s the abstract:

To what extent do the morphological and syntactic composition of words and phrases reflect the composition of their meanings? Do crosslinguistic differences in morphosyntax reflect differences in the primitives of semantic composition? Is there a uniform underlying syntactic representation for certain kinds of meanings across classes of lexeme introducing them and across languages? This talk explores two contrasting views about the morphosyntax/semantics interface which make different predictions about the answers to such questions, focusing on the grammar of property concept words (adjectives in languages that have them, nouns or verbs in others; Dixon 1982) and the derivational relationship of stative predicates (e.g., red, cracked) to their change of state counterparts (redden, crack).

Manchet hopes to see you all there!