Viva Míša!

Posted on September 28, 2015 by

LEL PhD student Michaela Hejná has passed her PhD viva with minor corrections!

Míša is a friendly face around the division, and for several years has been frequently to be found in the Phonetics Lab, where she busies herself with being generally helpful and nice. Alas, Míša will not be seen in Manchester much longer, as she’s accepted a one-year post as a Teaching Fellow in Language Variation and Change at Newcastle University. We will miss her, but Newcastle is lucky to have her!

Míša’s PhD research was on Pre-aspiration in Welsh English: A case study of Aberystwyth. She will be continuing to work on language variation and phonetics in Wales with colleagues in Newcastle and elsewhere. Her PhD examiners were Martin Barry and Cambridge’s Francis Nolan.

Congratulations, Míša!

Featured image: Míša in Wales with a tree, from her website.