Great strides in Germanic NPs project

Posted on September 29, 2015 by

Last week, LEL staff members Tine Breban, Kersti Börjars and George Walkden were shipped to Norway for a two-day workshop on structure and variation in the early Germanic noun phrase. Each presenter spoke about a different language: Tine discussed Old English (along with the workshop’s organizer, Kristin Bech), Kersti covered Old Norse, while George presented Old Saxon. Other languages covered were Gothic (by Cambridge’s Sheila Watts) and Old High German (by Wuppertal’s Svetlana Petrova).

Featured image: Tine, Kersti, George, Sheila and Svetlana striking a pose at Oslo’s Ekeberg sculpture park. Below: all of the above plus Kristin Bech, outside a villa at the sculpture park. Thanks to Kristin for the photos and organization!