Data, data everywhere

Posted on November 20, 2015 by

Today marked the University of Manchester Q-Step Centre’s ‘Data, Data Everywhere’ event, celebrating the success of the 2015 Q-Step summer internships! Undergraduates Amy Hughes, Lucy Giannasi and Nicole Tamer were there to showcase their efforts within LEL as part of the poster session.

Amy and Lucy had worked with Dr Laurel MacKenzie on variable fricative voicing in English, while Nicole had been working with Dr George Walkden on preposition stranding in Middle English. Amy Morgan, who had worked with Dr James Brookes on light verbs in British English, couldn’t be present, but her poster was there for the world to see.

You can read more about Lucy’s experience as a Q-Step intern in her own words. Manchet congratulates all involved!

Featured image: Amy Hughes (centre) and Lucy Giannasi (right) discussing their work. This and other photos below by Laurel MacKenzie.


Nicole Tamer with her poster.


Lucy and Amy’s poster.


Amy Morgan’s poster.


Nicole’s poster.