Mary Hamilton papers made freely available

Posted on November 28, 2015 by

Letters carefully transliterated from the Mary Hamilton Papers in the John Rylands Library are freely available to any interested reader. The corpus currently stands at 161 letters dated 1764-1819 – over 70,000 words of text. The Image to Text project website displays each letter with mouse-over notes and clarifications alongside a high-quality image of the original letter, plus metadata. The site works best with Chrome or Firefox. The content will be of interest to historians, students of English letter-writing, and historical linguists.

For offline research, including corpus searches or systematic use of metadata, we are happy to supply a zip archive of fully compliant TEI/XML files plus a zip of plain text versions, a frequency list of word forms in the corpus and a table of word counts per letter. The corpus is for non-commercial use, is free, and is being added to each year. Please see the website for a short online registration form.

The corpus is the work of David Denison, Nuria Yáñez-Bouza, and their students, and is another great example of LEL’s learning-through-research ethos. Thanks to all our students for their contributions!

Featured image: a sample letter, from the project website.