LELers at Symposium on Historical Phonology

Posted on December 2, 2015 by

A job lot of Mancunians is being delivered to Edinburgh’s second Symposium on Historical Phonology this week. Presenters include:

  • Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Maciej Baranowski, PhD student George Bailey, and star alumna Danielle Turton (now at Newcastle) on A constant rate effect in Manchester /t/-glottalling: high-frequency words are ahead of, but change at the same rate as, low-frequency words
  • Laurel MacKenzie on Opacity over time: charting the paths of fricative voicing in English plurals
  • PhD alumni Michael Ramsammy & Patrycja Strycharczuk (Edinburgh/QMU) on From phonetic enhancement to phonological underspecification: new diachronic perspectives on sibilants in European Portuguese
  • Another star alumna now at Newcastle, Michaela Hejn√°, presenting a poster on The phonetic precursors of aspiration dissimilation: evidence from Aberystwyth English (with Adèle Jatteau, Paris 8)

Featured image: Edinburgh, from the