Six tips for making the most of final year

Posted on January 13, 2016 by

This post is guest-written by third-year LEL student Perisha Kudhail.

As all final year students will feel, another chapter of life will soon come to a close. The sudden realization that this time next year, we could be in full time work and supporting ourselves is a reality that we cannot avoid.

What are my skills? Am I good enough for the job? Why can’t I just stay being a student?

The year has only just begun, yet the reality of the situation is that we can’t help but think what the future will bring. Perhaps we just need to fix up and look sharp. ☺

Here are a few tips that can help you get back to a place where you feel successful.

  1. Stay Organised. Sounds simple, but if you keep things in order then your final year journey will flow much more smoothly. Perhaps keep a diary and tick off what you had planned to do in the day so you feel more accomplished.
  2. Give yourself time to be worry free. Sounds strange, but a little bit of pressure on yourself can make the rest feel all the more worthwhile. Plan a set time or day where you can do things that are not academic, but need to be done. This way it won’t feel like procrastination and will give you a sense of fulfilment.
  3. Eat well. Chocolate, cake and crisps may fill a hole at the time, but you’ll feel like poop when you realise how much junk you’ve gotten through. Cooking not only gives you a chance to expand your culinary horizon but gives you a reasoned break time from the day.
  4. Drink lots of water. As much of a temptation alcohol is, water is your best friend throughout your final year of uni. Not only will this make you feel fresh, but it’ll make your skin look great.
  5. Sleep. When being a student we underestimate the value of a set sleeping pattern. Nights out are a given, but try not to put your body to the test too much.
  6. Last but not least. Enjoy your final year, make the most of your spare time and relish your work, not hate it.

By Perisha Kudhail. Featured image: a bottle of water.