Research seminar programme Spring 2016

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Spring 2015 has a busy schedule for seminar speakers! All are welcome to our seminars, which happen at 4.15pm on Tuesdays in Samuel Alexander SG1 unless otherwise stated.

Week 1 (2nd Feb): Per Durst-Andersen (Copenhagen Business School): “Request-making as communication-based problem-solving through imperative, declarative or interrogative sentence forms

Week 3 (16th Feb): Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh): “How Icelanders (sometimes) evade agreement

Week 5 (1st March): Virve Vihman (University of Manchester): “Building Blocks: acquisition of morphology in Estonian

Week 6 (8th March): Walter Bisang (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz): “On the strength of morphological paradigms: a historical account of radical pro-drop

Week 7 (15th March): Jonathan Charteris-Black (University of the West of England): “Fire metaphors: discourses of awe and authority

Week 8 (12th April): Kersti Börjars & John Payne (University of Manchester): “Adjectival definiteness marking and noun-phrase internal functions: the case of Old Norse

Week 8 (14th April): Jóhanna Barðdal (University of Ghent): “The Rise and Decay of Non-Nominative Subjects(NB: Thursday, 1pm, A101)

Week 10 (26th April): Hilary Wynne (University of Manchester): “English compound words and L2 planning: a psycholinguistic approach

Week 11 (3rd May): Richard Blythe (University of Edinburgh): “S-curves and mechanisms of propagation in language change”

The seminars are always followed by wine and crisps, and often there is the opportunity to join the speaker for a meal. Manchet hopes to see you there!

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