Lifespans and styles

Posted on March 21, 2016 by

The latest issue of the open access journal Lifespans and Styles: Undergraduate Working Papers on Intraspeaker Variation is guest-edited by our own Dr Laurel MacKenzie, and features papers by Manc undergrads Bei Qing Cham and Hollie Barker!

Cham’s paper, Sixty Years of Speech: A Study of Language Change in Adulthood, deals with lifespan change in David Attenborough’s t-glottalling and vowel production, while Barker’s paper, Does Geographic Relocation Induce the Loss of Features from a Single Speaker’s Native Dialect?, investigates the vowels and rhoticity of Ringo Starr from a second dialect acquisition perspective.

Well done from Manchet to all involved!

Featured image: formant tokens for the STRUT vowel, zoomed in on a graph from Cham’s paper.