Studying abroad in Paderborn

Posted on April 2, 2016 by

This post is guest-written by second-year LEL student Joss Hordern.

I have been in Paderborn for a month now, and it has simply flown by. I had brought so much with me to entertain myself because I was afraid of getting bored – no fear of that happening! The first week or so I was constantly busy exploring and sorting out admin. This is my first time living away from home so it was interesting settling in. It wasn’t actually as hard as I’d anticipated, though I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t at all stressful!

Paderborn is absolutely beautiful, and very different from Manchester. For one thing, I’ve only seen a few days of rain while I’ve been here! But Manchester is a very lively city whereas Paderborn is incredibly calm and picturesque. I’ve never seen a more beautiful twilight than the ones we’ve been having here – like someone’s painted the sky a milky lilac. My apartment is amazing as well – though it’s not really close to anywhere that I need to go, and the bus system isn’t as comprehensive as Manchester’s. But I suppose the half hour walk to uni will do me some good! My flat mate seems very nice but she’s not been around much as the semester doesn’t start until April in Germany. I’ve had German classes to keep me busy, which are very challenging but I absolutely love the language. I’m still somewhat of a beginner, so simple things like shop transactions or asking for directions going smoothly is a big achievement for me!

They have an organisation here called Eurobiz, which is for exchange students, and organises trips and other activities, so I’ve also been on a beautiful walk to Paderborn’s Schloss Neuhaus, which is a palace about an hour’s walk away from the city centre, and to Hannover. I look forward to going on more trips in the future.

Everyone that I have met so far has been lovely, and it’s been great meeting all the exchange students who come from such a wide variety of countries, from India to Mexico to Guinea. It didn’t take me long to start feeling right at home.
I’m starting to feel like 6 months isn’t going to be long enough! I love it here, and hope that the rest of my time here will be as great as the beginning.


Featured image: the city, the lake, and the library. Photos by Joss.