Two new papers on nominal syntax

Posted on April 16, 2016 by

Kersti Börjars, Pauline Harries and Nigel Vincent are in the Historical Syntax section of Language this month with their paper Growing syntax: the development of an NP in North Germanic. Meanwhile, Christopher Hicks, a first-year PhD student with Kersti and John Payne, has had his first paper published in Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics: A syntactic account for the parametric variation of the Number feature.

Börjars, Harries & Vincent’s paper deals with the emergence of a DP in Faroese, arguing that this type of structure can arise over time, and that the grammaticalization of a category D must be distinguished from the innovation of DP structure itself. They argue that this development supports a parallel grammatical architecture such as that of Lexical-Functional Grammar.

Hicks’s paper is also concerned with variation and the grammaticalization of features in the nominal domain, proposing a hierarchy of syntactic parameters that derives the attested cross-linguistic variation in the expression of number. The paper suggests that the Number feature is not universally present and can vary in its expression when it is, though the variation is not unlimited.

Manchet congratulates Chris, Kersti, Pauline and Nigel! You can read Chris’s paper here and Kersti, Pauline and Nigel’s here.

Featured image: important trees from the two papers. Left: (24) from Börjars, Harries & Vincent (2016: e17). Right: (30) from Hicks (2016: 103).