Farewell to Laurel!

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It’s with great regret that Manchet brings itself to announce that Laurel MacKenzie will be leaving us this summer for pastures new (specifically, an assistant professorship at NYU).

Since arriving with us four years ago, Laurel has swiftly endeared herself to pretty much everyone: she’s an outstandingly popular lecturer, an insightful and original researcher, and a great friend and colleague. Here’s Manchet’s Best of Laurel MacKenzie 2012-16:

  1. Taking Attenborough to task in Cambridge (2016)
  2. Dissecting language at the Science Festival (2015)
  3. Winning Best Lecturer in the Humanities (2015)
  4. Ten Minutes With… mini-interview (2014)
  5. Amazing dialect maps (2014)
  6. On TV talking to Alistair McGowan (2014)
  7. LVC students mapping the country’s baps and barms (2013)
  8. Crossing the pond with Danielle (2013)
  9. Discovering the poshification of Posh and Becks (2013)

Blinking back tears, Manchet congratulates Laurel on her new position, and wishes her every success for the future!

Every cloud has a silver lining: next year we’ll be joined by four new colleagues, Lauren Fonteyn, Andrea Nini, Patrycja Strycharczuk, and Marije van Hattum. Manchet has high hopes that collectively at least they will manage to compensate for Laurel’s absence…

Featured image: colleagues at Laurel’s leaving dinner. Laurel is holding a memento of Manchester.

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