Prizewinning performances

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At LEL we love all our students, regardless of whether they’re exceptionally bright, hardworking, or lucky. But since it’s tradition to brag about our haul of prizes, and since that haul was pretty large this year, Manchet has a job to do and will do it.

The lucrative Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, given only to the top 0.5% of graduating students across the university, was this year received by two LEL students: Lucy Giannasi and Yifei Wang.

The Dean’s Award for Achievement, a Faculty-level prize, was awarded to Maria Chiara Russo, Eleanor Southern-Wilkins, Hannah Roberts, Amy Morgan, Danielle Thomas, Yixin Zhang, Sarah Lee, Grace Turley, Amy Hughes and Xinyu Cong.

At divisional level, the G. L. Brook Prize for third-years went to Sarah Lee, Rebecca Prescott and Yifei Wang, and the Arwid Johansson Exhibition for Germanic philology went to Ashleigh Martin. The Thomas Maguire Prize for second-years went to Charlotte Campbell and Sarah Weitz. Finally, the first-year Stella Brook Prize was received by Radina Dobromirova, Safeeyah Gajaria and Yann de Lombaert.

Manchet congratulates all those who did or didn’t receive one of these prizes!

Featured image: rows of faces at graduation. Photo by George W.

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