Staff hike at Entwistle

Posted on September 12, 2016 by

Continuing with our theme of LEL members looking contented around a table with good food and drink, here’s a photo of a subset of our staff team at the Strawbury Duck in Entwistle! This was the focal point of our most recent staff hike this weekend. The team explored the reservoirs and moors of this hidden gem of an area, accessible only as a request stop on the Bolton to Blackburn railway line.

On the way, the team also visited St. Anne’s Church, Turton, where a heritage open day was taking place – including a rare chance to see chained books from one of Humphrey Chetham’s parish libraries in Turton.

Beer, mud, food, old books, trains, beautiful scenery – what’s not to like? The experience served as a crucial part of newbie Lauren Fonteyn’s induction into the ancient and venerable traditions of LEL.

Featured image: old and new staff and friends at the Strawbury Duck. Below: people at St. Anne’s Church admiring the chained books. Photos by Ed Ballister, released under a CC-BY-SA licence.


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