Lauren in Linguistics Vanguard

Posted on September 23, 2016 by

A paper by Lauren Fonteyn features in the most recent issue of Linguistics Vanguard. The paper is on Usage-based perspectives on diachronic morphology: A mixed-methods approach towards English ing-nominals, and is co-authored with Stefan Hartmann (Hamburg). Here’s the abstract:

This paper illustrates how different methodological approaches can be combined to reveal complex patterns of constructional variation and change in the diachronic development of English ing-nominals. More specifically, we argue that approaching the data from a schema-based (rather than morpheme-based) perspective shows that nominal gerunds in English, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, have undergone a semantic drift towards more “nouny” construal variants. This hypothesis is supported not only by raw frequency counts, but also by association measures and by a detailed analysis of hapax legomena.

Manchet encourages you to take a look at the paper, not least because it harnesses the magic of animated GIFs for linguistic graphage. Well done Lauren!

Featured image: a snapshot of Linguistics Vanguard cover art.