Babies’ first gestures in the news

Posted on November 8, 2016 by

Research by LEL’s Thea Cameron-Faulkner along with her colleagues in Psychology, Elena Lieven, Laura Boundy and Anna Theakston, has made the news! You can read the press release here, and it has also appeared in the Mirror and the Daily Mail.

The research deals with the development of gestures in tiny little babies, 10 months of age:

The researchers found that ‘showing and giving’ behaviours are strong predictors of how often infants use pointing later on. Their studies also highlight that most parents are often puzzled by the intentions behind these behaviours, despite them being widespread. How caregivers respond to these behaviours, in particular whether they engage in language-rich bouts of interaction, relates to the frequency of pointing behaviours as infants get older. This demonstrates the importance of parents picking up on early gestures.

Tomorrow there’s an event at the Whitworth Art Gallery based on this work: Art baby, music baby, language baby.

Congratulations, Thea!

Featured image: babies, from the press release.