Major funding for Germanic NPs project!

Posted on December 27, 2016 by

The project Constraints on syntactic variation: noun phrases in early Germanic languages has just received major funding from the Norwegian Research Council!

The project is led by Oslo’s Kristin Bech and features three Mancunians: Kersti Börjars, Tine Breban, and George Walkden. Also on the project are Svetlana Petrova (Wuppertal) and Sheila Watts (Cambridge).

In the project, which will formally start in September 2017, the researchers will investigate the interaction between syntax and information structure in noun phrase structure and word order across the full range of early Germanic languages. Congratulations to all involved!

Photo: (from left) Svetlana, Kersti, Tine, George, Sheila, Kristin, at a workshop last year in Oslo. Photo courtesy of Kristin Bech.