Jonathan Culpeper at LEL Research Seminar

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Next Tuesday, March 28,  we welcome Professor Jonathan Culpeper to the LEL Research Seminar. Jonathan Culpeper is currently based at Lancaster University. We invited him to talk about one of his current projects, the ‘Encyclopedia of Shakespeare’s language’. Here is the abstract:

Shakespeare’s language and the Encyclopaedia project

 Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University)

With a few exceptions, the study of Shakespeare’s language seems not to have much contact with corpus methods, the methods that infuse the making of dictionaries, grammars and indeed much historical linguistics. One of the aims of the AHRC-funded Encyclopaedia of Shakespeare’s Language project is to study Shakespeare’s language in the light of those very methods. This presentation will be a smorgasbord of pilot studies, case studies and spin-off studies flowing from the project. It will include: discussion of Shakespeare’s neologisms; the treatment of a relatively infrequent word, horrid, and a relatively frequent word, the first person pronoun I; a glance at affirmatives; and a discussion of multiword units and the language of emotion. Covering this list in detail would, of course, be an insurmountable challenge. My aim instead will a whistlestop tour of some of the methodological issues and some of the results.

The talk promises to be interesting for staff and student of LEL – and beyond! As usual, everyone is invited to stick around afterwards to talk to our speaker over some wine and crisps.

Event details:

Location: Ellen Wilkinson Building, room A2.6

Date and time: Tuesday, March 28, 4.15pm-5.30pm

Note that this is not the only event LEL is hosting that day: between 1 and 2pm, LEL’s Professor Delia Bentley will present some research at an all new Langwidge Sandwidge.

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