Current and former Mancunian linguists at 4th workshop on Sound Change (Edinburgh)

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It seems that LEL will be quite well-represented at the 4th Workshop on Sound Change at Edinburgh. The workshop will feature invited talks not only by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero but also by former Manchester colleague Laurel MacKenzie: her paper bears the title ‘Perturbing the community grammar: Individual differences and lifespan effects on language production’.

Apart from these invited talks, the workshop will also feature posters by an impressively large contingent of current and former Mancunians:

  • Colleague Patrycja Strycharczuk with James Scobbie (‘Gestural delay or gestural reduction? Covert articulatory variation in ongoing /l/-vocalisation’)
  • PhD alumna Michaela Hejná, now at Aarhus, with Adèle Jatteau (‘Phonetically gradient dissimilation: evidence from Aberystwyth English’), and with Claire Cochrane, Lauren Ackerman, and Joel C. Wallenberg (‘Hormonal organizing effects and sound change from below’)
  • former undergraduate Sarah Mahmood, now in the second year of an MPhil at Oxford (‘The status of glides in Mandarin: A synchronic and diachronic study of syllable-internal processes’)
  • PhD students Deepthi GopalHenri Kauhanen, and Stephen Nichols (‘Modelling similarity-driven phonologization’)
  • PhD alumna Danielle Turton with Jasmine Warburton (‘Reanalysis of Tyneside linking /r/: Are younger speakers reversing the trend toward word-level deletion?’).

Here is the full programme. The featured image is a picture of the workshop venue, Edinburgh’s informatics forum (credits:

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