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Some more news on the publication front: in the new issue of Language Dynamics and Change, a new paper appears by LEL’s new forensic linguist Andrea Nini. The paper “introduces growth curve modelling for the analysis of diachronic corpora”, and shows that whether or not the diachronic growth of a word abides by the infamous S-curve of language change has to do with whether that word is increasing or decreasing in frequency:

The application of growth curve modeling for the analysis of diachronic corpora

(Andrea Nini1Carlo Corradini2Diansheng Guo3 and Jack Grieve4)

This paper introduces growth curve modeling for the analysis of language change in corpus linguistics. In addition to describing growth curve modeling, which is a regression-based method for studying the dynamics of a set of variables measured over time, we demonstrate the technique through an analysis of the relative frequencies of words that are increasing or decreasing over time in a multi-billion word diachronic corpus of Twitter. This analysis finds that increasing words tend to follow a trajectory similar to the s-curve of language change, whereas decreasing words tend to follow a decelerated trajectory, thereby showing how growth curve modeling can be used to uncover and describe underlying patterns of language change in diachronic corpora.

The featured image is Figure 4 of the article. Do not hesitate to check out the full article to find out what it represents!

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