Dr Yuni Kim’s goodbye lunch

Posted on May 11, 2017 by

Last week, LEL said goodbye to beloved colleague Yuni Kim. Yuni started working as a lecturer in Linguistics and English Language in January 2009, immediately after being awarded a PhD in linguistic from Berkeley. Her research specialises in the phonological and grammatical analysis of understudied languages (focussed on but certainly not limited to Mesoamerican languages).

Since 2009, Yuni has taught a range of courses at the department (Intonation of English (LELA 30482), Experimental Phonetics (LELA 20341), Phonology 2: Sound Patterns Across Languages (LELA 20952), Introduction to English Grammar (LELA 10041), Linguistics for Speech and Language Therapy (LELA 10810), Phonetics and Phonology (LELA 70061), to name only a few!).

Yuni has been featured many times here on Manchet, having given numerous (invited) talks. In 2014, Manchet also featured a 10 minutes with Yuni Kim interview.

Yuni will surely be missed in Manchester. We wish her the very best in her future career!

The featured image depicts the absolutely gorgeous day (and location) of Yuni’s goodbye lunch. From left to right: Maj-Britt Mosegaard-Hansen, Yuni Kim, John Payne, Thea Cameron-Faulkner, Ricardo Bermudez-Otero, Martina Faller, Kersti Börjars, Patrycja Strycharczuk (a former PhD student of Yuni’s, now a lecturer at LEL, Julio Villa-Garcia, and Yaron Matras)


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