LEL’s PhD students and staff have a busy summer full of talks

Posted on July 7, 2017 by

Summer is by tradition academic conference season, and so LEL’s people are very busy busy doing a lot of (work-related) travel.

Last week, for instance, two of our Mancunian PhD students gave a talk at FWAV-4 in York. George Bailey talked about Synchronic evidence for diachronic pathways of change: /g/-deletion and the life cycle of phonological processes, and Henri Kauhanen (in the featured image), Caroline Heycock & Joel C. Wallenberg talked about Grammar competition in neutral learning (a talk in reply to Han et al. (2016)). The full programme can be checked here.

Next week, LEL will be represented (again) by Henri Kauhanen and Deepthi Gopal, together with Tobias Galla (of the Physics department at Manchester) in Cologne. Their interdisciplinary talk, called Spatial distributions of linguistic features are determined by the interaction of endogenous and exogenous dynamics, will surely knock the crowd at the 3rd International Conference on Computational Social Science off their socks. On Thursday that same week, a talk by lecturer in historical linguistics Lauren Fonteyn will and German colleague Stefan Hartmann (University of Hamburg) will be given about Nominalization patterns in English and German at the 14th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (ICLC). Their contrastive study is based on one of their joined publications, which appeared last year in Linguistics Vanguard.

Later this summer Professor Delia Bentley is hosting a workshop at the SLE conference, which features some other LEL talks as well. More updates on summer conferences activities will surely follow!