While we were away…

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It might have been quiet on Manchet, but that does not mean the department was. Over the summer, staff and PhD students of LEL have been talking a great deal about their research.

Our PhD students travelled from the UK (Canterbury, York, Cardiff) to the US (Texas and New York) with their research:

  • Hannah Booth (https://hannahboothlinguist.wordpress.com/), “Expletives in Icelandic: a diachronic study” and “Subjects, case and word order change in Icelandic: a corpus study”. Two talks at International Conference on Historical Linguistics in San Antonio, Texas, 31 July.
  • George Bailey (http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/george.bailey/), “Velar nasal plus in the north of (ing)land”. Talk at UKLVC in Cardiff, 31 August.
  • Stephen Nichols (http://tiny.cc/sjn), “Nasal harmony in Kamaiurá”. Talk at LAGB in Canterbury, 5 September.
  • Donald Morrison. “Vowel nasalisation in Scottish Gaelic: The search for paradigm uniformity effects in fine-grained phonetic detail”. Talk at LAGB in Canterbury, 6 September, and poster at AMP in New York, 15 September.
  • Incidentally, former LEL lecturer Dr Yuni Kim was also at LAGB (5 & 6 September) giving a Language Tutorial on Huave (isolate; Mexico)
  • Stefano Coretta (http://stefanocoretta.altervista.org/). “A streamlined workflow for “doing phonetics by computer””. Talk at PARLAY in York, 15 September.

Earlier this summer Martina Faller and Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen presented at the International Pragmatics Association conference in Belfast (check the website for the full programma and the book of abstracts):

  • Martina talked about backgrounding and foregrounding of reportatives;
  • while Maj-Britt hosted a panel on cyclicity in semantic-pragmatic change, in which she gave a talk about onomasiological cyclicity in the case of Lat. nunc, Old French or, and Modern French maintenant.
  • IPrA also featured a talk of Zain AL Qurashi, one of our PhD students, on trolling in Arabic (‘To Feed or Not to Feed the Trolls: A Sociopragmatic Study of Trolling in Arabic’).
  • Incidentally, former PhD student Julia Kolkmann (now a lecturer at the univeristy of York) also presented at IPrA.

Some of the lecturers, on the other hand, travelled in the other direction, to attend and present at the Lexical-Functional Grammar conference in Konstanz (abstracts of John Payne and Kersti Börjars’ co-authored talks on the conference website!), LMEC6 in Uppsala (David Denison on that-clauses), and the 50th edition of the Societas Linguistica Europaea Conference in Zurich (which served as the model for our featured image):

  • Delia Bentley hosted a workshop on non-canonical postverbal subjects together with Silvio Cruschina.
  • Eva Schultze-Berndt presented at a workshop about descriptive and theoretical issues in emerging engagement. Her talk was called From shared reference to shared attention: the case of Jaminjung/Ngaliwurru ‘you and me’.
  • Finally, Lauren Fonteyn co-presented with former colleague Freek Van de Velde at a workshop on Diachronic construction Grammar. Their talk focussed on Degeneracy: the evolutionary advantage of the violation of isomorphism.
  • Again, incidentally, Former student Will Standing (now in Antwerp working as a PhD student in the Mind-Bending Grammars project) and former LEL lecturer (and former voice of Manchet) George Walkden also presented at SLE.


    (If you’re interested, all abstracts of SLE can be read online, here)