UG dissertation gets publicity

Posted on October 5, 2017 by

The UG dissertation of Amy Portwood, called ‘All in a Name: Parental Naming Activity in Multilingual Manchester’ (submitted in May 2017, supervised by Prof Yaron Matras) has received some publicity. For her dissertation, Amy set out to ask 120 local mothers about the names given to their children born between 2010- 2015 (now aged between two and six). She identified 160 names, almost two thirds of which did not appear on the Office for National Statistics’ list of top 100 names for the year in which the child was born. They were therefore classified as ‘unique’. Among under things, the dissertation shows how the diversity in children’s first names reflects the diversity of the city.

For a fuller description of the dissertations aims and findings, see this article. If you are interested, you can even read the full report here on the web page of the Multilingual Manchester research unit.


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