Last LEL Research seminar of 2017 – Johan Lundberg

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For the last research talk of the semester, we welcome Johan Lundberg (Cambridge). Johan studied Theology and Ancient Near Eastern languages in Uppsala, Oslo, and Leiden. Next Tuesday, December 5th, he will be talking about his work on Aramaic Relative Clauses.

The Diachrony of Aramaic Relative Clauses in Relation to other Subordinate Constructions

Johan M. V. Lundberg – University of Cambridge

This presentation explores the development of Aramaic relative clauses over the last two and a half millennia. More specifically, it examines three stages of Aramaic: Achaemenid Aramaic, classical Syriac, and North Eastern Neo-Aramaic. The presentation has three parts. The first one is a brief outline of the nature and function of the common argument shared by the main clause and the relative clause. The second part discusses two types of marking strategies: the use of the subordinating particle d- and the role of intonation group boundaries (particularly regarding restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses). The last part outlines differences and similarities between relative clauses, on the one hand, and complement clauses and purpose clauses, on the other.


The talk will take place at Sam Alex_A201, from 16:15 – 17:30.

Afterwards, there will be a short reception and we will take our speaker out for dinner.

We look forward to seeing you there, before we take our well-deserved winter break.

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