Luisa Marti @ LEL Research Seminar

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On Wednesday 9th May, we welcome Dr Luisa Marti, of Queen Mary University of London, to the LEL Research Seminar. Luisa is a “theoretical linguist with a specialization in semantics and its interfaces with morpho-syntax and pragmatics”. She describes her current work as follows:

“[it] investigates issues such as the nature of natural language quantification, the relationship between the morphology of quantifiers and the possible meanings they can express, and the representation of implicit content in the syntax of natural languages.”

She approaches these issues from a number of approaches, including theoretical, cross-linguistic, and experimental.

Please see below for the title and abstract of Luisa’s talk, and further details of the seminar.

Room Booked: Samuel Alexander, A101
Date: Wed 09 May 2018
Time: 16.15 – 17.30

As always, the seminar will be followed by a drinks reception and a dinner. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Definiteness in Imere
Dr Luisa Marti
(Queen Mary University of London)
In this talk I discuss the semantics of te– articles in Imere, a Polynesian language spoken in Vanuatu. I argue that Imere’s te– articles are best analyzed by assuming that the uniqueness and existence presuppositions usually associated with definites are separate grammatical ingredients, following Coppock and Beaver’s (2012, 2015) analysis of English definites.  
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