Our UG students smashing it at ULAB

Posted on June 14, 2018 by

Manchet has previously reported on the busy conference schedules of the postgraduate students and colleagues at Manchester (Remember this? and this? and this?)



The latest news is that our undergraduates have also joined the conference circuit. The programme of the 8th Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain Conference held in April in Edinburgh featured four presenters from Manchester:

  • Chenming Gao ‘Alignment system in Dolakha Newar’
  • Claudia Gaele ‘Optimality Theory – Lexical Functional Grammar: filtering PP ambiguities in PDE’
  • Shilin Gao ‘An Evaluation of Part-of-speech Features as Predictors in Native Language Identification Tasks Using Mixed Effects Logistic Regression Model’
  • Radina Dobreva ‘The Causative Alternation in Bulgarian’

Manchet congratulates!

Featured image: picture of Angus McIntosh Centre for Historial Linguistics (University of Edinburgh) at http://www.amc.lel.ed.ac.uk/?page_id=27