Workshop on information structure, referential status and referent type in discourse and grammar

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On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 June 2018, Professor Delia Bentley and Professor Eva Schultze Berndt are organising a workshop at our department on Information structure, referential status and referent type in discourse and grammar. 

Speakers include, among many international linguists, LEL’s own Delia Bentley, Tine Breban (along with visiting PhD student Wout Van Praet), Julio Villa-García, Jessica Iubini-Hampton, and Eva Schultze-Berndt. You can find the full programme and book of abstracts here, but here are some local highlights:


  • 10:45 Stefan Schnell, Ruth Singer & Eva Schultze-Berndt – Introduction to the workshop, and to annotation schemes for referential expression (based on GRAID), and relevant theoretical decisions and application
  • 16:15 Delia Bentley – Information structure and the subject vs. predication partition: A case study in Gallo-Italian
  • 17:00 Wout van Praet & Tine Breban – The referential status of the noun phrase in English copular constructions


  • 11:15 Julio Villa-García – On information structure and different preverbal positions for the subject
  • 12:00 Jessica Iubini-Hampton – Negative markers and their interaction with information structure: the case of Modens
  • 16:00 Eva Schultze-Berndt – Competing motivations in differential agent marking: the (ergative) case of Jaminjung

We can’t wait!

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