The brilliant Manchester postgrads have done it again!

Posted on June 27, 2018 by

Late Spring saw Manchet reporting a string of conference prizes awarded to our students. This award winning streak continues with an LAGB Annual Meeting Best Student Abstract Bursary awarded jointly to Stefano Coretta and Massimiliano Canzi for the paper ‘The effect of lexical frequency on vowel phonation as a correlate of /t/-glottaling’. Max and Ste will be giving the paper at the LAGB Annual Meeting in September at the University of Sheffield.

In the meantime, the indefatigable Stefano has visited Lisbon for LabPhon16, where he managed to bag a coveted oral presentation slot (7% acceptance rate) for the paper ‘Longer vowel duration correlates with tongue root advancement in Italian and Polish: An ultrasound study’. Since two talks are better than one, Stefano followed swiftly with another paper at the satellite workshop on New Developments in Speech Sensing and Imaging, titled ‘Quantifying vocal fold activity: Two new methods for analysing electroglottographic data’. He also received a competitive Student Travel Grant and an IPA Student Award to cover the registration and travel to the conference.

The proud supervisor, Patrycja Strycharczuk, travelled to LabPhon16 to bask in Stefano’s success, and to give her own paper ‘How vocalic is vocalised /l/? Evidence from lateralisation’ (joint with Donald Derrick and Jason Shaw).


Photo caption: Ste and Max enjoying al fresco drinks Manchester style.
Featured image: Ste presenting at LabPhon16