New PhD students

Posted on September 24, 2018 by

A very happy first day of school to four new PhD students in Linguistics! Starting this year are:

Maria Chioti with a project on “The Effect of Priming on Accent Attitudes: An Investigation of their Affective and Cognitive Bases”, supervised by Wendell and Marije.

Alexandru Giurgea will be working on “Two minimalist analyses of free relatives in Romanian”. Julio and Delia will supervise.

Roisin Huggins, supervised by Maj-Britt, will look into “A Comparative Investigation of the Diachronic Pragmatics of Negation in the Romance Languages”.

Anh Khoi Nguyen, supervised by Yaron, is going to work on “Heritage language maintenance in an ‘integrated’ minority”.

Enjoy the research, and stay in touch, or else Manchet will stalk you.