Víctor Acedo-Matellán at LEL seminar

Posted on October 1, 2018 by

This week’s LEL seminar will be by Víctor Acedo-Matellán from Oxford University. His talk ‘Roots, categorial heads, and locality in morphology’ will be in A102 at 4.15 tomorrow Tuesday 2 October. The talk will be followed by a glass of wine or juice. All are welcome!


The abstract for his talk is:

The talk, which expands on joint work with Cristina Real-Puigdollers (2014, to appear), explores the idea that roots are Vocabulary Items inserted directly into functional heads. A prominent case is that of their insertion into categorial heads: n, v, a. Unlike other localistic, syntactic theories of morphology, in which the root and the categorizer are different nodes in the syntax (Embick 2010, Marantz 2013), in this theory the root is non-distinct from it. This allows the root to be adjacent to the first functional node above the categorizer (e.g., T, in the case of v), whereby a strictly local and cyclic explanation of allomorphic and allosemic interactions between the root and that functional node becomes feasible. One of the gains this approach brings is that Readjustment Rules become unnecessary.

Embick, David. 2010. Localism versus globalism in morphology and phonology. Cambridge (Mass.): MIT Pres

Marantz, Alec. 2013. Locality domains for contextual allomorphy across the interfaces. In Alec Marantz & Ora Matushansky (eds.), Distributed morphology today: Morphemes for Morris Halle, 95-115. Cambridge (Mass.): MIT Press