Welcome back, Henri!

Posted on October 4, 2018 by

Henri Kauhanen, a celebrated LEL alumnus, is returning to Manchester to take up an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship administered by the Centre for Doctoral Training on Data Analytics and Society, and to reclaim his fame as a Castlefield pub quiz champion.

Henri is planning to use the postdoc to continue his work on the Constant Rate Effect, which will include putting together a dedicated R package that will facilitate model comparisons with CREs. He is also going to organise a workshop exploring the interactions between language-internal and language-external factors in language change. Other than that, postdoc time is writing time.

Henri will receive mentorship from Ricardo and Andrew, while Manchet cheers from the sidelines.



2017-03-15 20.16.37

Throwback to 2017: Henri enjoys a glass of wine and Koalito’s company