Baranowski and Turton at NWAV47

Posted on October 24, 2018 by

Maciej is just back New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV), *the* annual sociolinguistics conference, where he presented joint work with LEL alumna, Danielle Turton (now at Newcastle). The paper, titled ‘Locating speakers in the socioeconomic hierarchy: towards the optimal indicators of social class’ is based on data from Maciej’s Manchester English project.

This ways NWAV was hosted by NYU, and co-organised by our former 😢 colleague, Laurel MacKenzie.

Another Manchester connection is the following paper co-authored by PhD student, Deepthi Gopal: D. Willis, D. Gopal, T. Blaxter & A. Leemann ‘Localising morphosyntactic variation in Welsh Twitter data’.

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