Easlick at LEL seminar

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The seminar this week is by Manchester’s own Kathleen Easlick who will speak on
‘Policy, practice, and discourse: Language hierarchies in public service provision’
Abstract is below. The talk will take place on Tuesday 4th December at 4.15 in A102 as usual, and there will be drinks afterwards.


“Policy, practice, and discourse: Language hierarchies in public service provision”

Kathleen Easlick, University of Manchester

In this talk, I explore the multiple layers of language policy and planning with a focus on how policy, practice, and discourse contribute to hierarchies in public service provision. Drawing from data collected in the UK and Finland, I will present an outline of the differing approaches to service provision for speakers of regional minority languages and speakers of community languages. I aim to highlight the influence the policy landscape has on needs assessment practices and how local-level service providers justify the use of some languages over others based on conceptualisations of speaker need. Such discourses reflect, construct, and strengthen the asymmetrical status of minority language groups within service provision. Overall, this talk will demonstrate how by looking across the multiple layers of language policy and planning, we can identify commonalities of language hierarchisation across diverse urban multilingual contexts.


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