Hired! Linguistics alumna in tech

Posted on December 14, 2018 by

Manchet has received most exciting news of a new job for a recent LEL alumna, Emily Driscoll. Emily has just been hired as a as a junior software developer at WorkMobile, a Manchester-based cloud-based data capture specialist. You can read more about the position and the company here. Emily has given us the following update:

“It is good fun here, and I’m learning a lot. The coding and stats work that I did on the linguistics courses are really useful as they help me decipher where problems could be. […] studying linguistics has been a great help in developing the varied skill set that I’m using every day in a field that seems on the surface to be quite unrelated.”

Congratulations to Emily! We wish her every success in her career!

Featured image: Emily and her pup fren, Laurie.

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