Lotte Sommerer at LEL seminar

Posted on February 11, 2019 by

This week’s LEL seminar is by Lotte Sommerer (Vienna), who will speak on ‘A constructional perspective on the development of the English article system’

The talk will be on Tuesday 12 Feb at 4.15 pm in room A113 in Samuel Alexander. As usual there will be drinks afterwards and everyone is welcome to join us for dinner later.

In addition to the seminar, Lotte will teach a masterclass for students and staff ahead of her talk. The masterclass will introduce the basics of Usage-based, Cognitive Construction Grammar working with examples for constructions and networks from modern English. Lotte’s seminar talk will use this framework for a diachronic analysis of English determiners. The masterclass has a double goal: introducing you to a different theoretical framework as well as preparing you for the seminar talk.

The masterclass takes place on the same day, 12 Feb, from 1-3pm in the Graduate School conference room (that’s Ellen Wilkinson room C1.18). If you are planning to attend the masterclass, please get in touch with Tine Breban.